Windows Anti-Theft Apps

Here are step-by-step instructions to set up a PIN/password for your Windows phone.
AppCostTrack/ LocateLockWipeOther Features
AMP (All My Passwords)$2.99 X Encrypts passwords and data.
Anti Theft Alarm$0.99 X Alarm sounds if moved when armed.
Anti Theft AlarmFree X Alarm sounds if moved when armed.
Antitheft AlarmFree X Alarm sounds if charger is disconnected.
Best Phone Security$0.99XX Notes location when wrong password is entered.
Burglar Alarm$0.99 X  
ClassenceFree X  
Sprint Family Tracker$2.99X  (Sprint only)
Find My PhoneFreeXXX 
GPS Tracker by FollowMeeFreeX   
Impala7FreeX XSets off alarm remotely.
InfoVaultFree X Encrypts/locks sensitive information.
Intruder Alert$1.49 X  
Lock Screen TextFree X Lock screen displays contact information.
Lost Phone ScreenFree X Lock screen displays contact information.
Missing Phone$0.99 X Lock screen displays contact information.
Mobile Security Alarm 8Free X Alarm sounds if moved when armed.
Mobile Spy$99.97/yrX   
Mobile SuperheroFreeX  Takes picture of thief.
MobiSafe$1.99 X Protects sensitive information/media.
MP-1Free X Encrypts and changes passwords.
NQ MobileFreeXXXAntivirus and malware protection.
NQ Mobile VaultFree X Encrypts all passwords and takes picture of thief.
PhoneBak Antitheft$29.90  XXX 
PhoneTheftAlarmFree X Alarm sounds if moved when armed.

Last Updated November 2016