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Blackberry Robocall Blocking .

Step-by-step instructions on how to block robocalls on BlackBerry Devices (Passport & Classic).

Blackberry Robocall Blocking


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Watch for step-by-step instructions to block robocalls on BlackBerry devices.

Here are 15 of the top apps available for BlackBerry devices, based on publicly available data, which may include user ratings, number of downloads and/or most recent version date. For a full list of robocall resources for BlackBerry devices, see here.

Call Assistant (bbDeveloper)FreeBlacklist, whitelist, call blocker and SMS blocker, add blocked numbers from contacts or manually input numbers
Call Blocker (Ajani InfoTech Private Limited)FreeAuto call hang up, automatic blocking, whitelist, blacklist, viewing of all blocked calls, schedule blocking
Call Blocker (Oswald Designs)FreeAdd numbers to blacklist
Call Blocker FREE ( call hang-up, automatic call blocking, white list and black list, view all blocked calls, schedule blocking, block unwanted and junk calls
Call Blocker Lite (Pace MobiTech)FreeCall blocker
Call Blocker Pro (Bean-IV)$2.99Blacklist, whitelist, auto reply, schedule blocking
Call Blocker Pro (Pace MobiTech)FreeCall blocking
Call Blockr 10 (Appadora)FreeAlways allow call or always block call, schedule blocking, blocking history
Call Control Blacklist Lite (Kedlin Company LLC)FreeBlocked calls don’t ring, blacklist and whitelist, call log, block by area code
Free Call Blocker (Apache Softech)FreeBlocks unknown and unwanted calls
Phone Blocker for Blackberry (Free Version)Free​Block incoming phone numbers, phones that contain a specific number, unknown or private calls
Phone WarriorFreeBlock calls, SMS, texts, and get caller ID with unlimited reverse lookups
SMS Blocker Free (Ajani InfoTech Private Limited)FreeBlock SMS from any number, block promotional SMS, blacklist
SMS Blocker Free (Unibera Software Solutions)FreeBlock SMS from any number, add numbers from call logs, blacklist, can keep blocked messages to review them later or delete them immediately
SMS Blocker Pro – Blocks Text MessagesFreeBlock SMS from any number, add number to blacklist, add as many numbers as you want, opt to block messages from specific numbers or unknown numbers

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