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How to Stop Robocalls .

How to Stop Robocalls


Although some automated calls from pharmacies, airlines and schools are useful, many automated calls are intrusive. The wireless industry works to minimize the negative impact of robocalls, collectively stopping more than a million calls every day. To report and block unwanted robocalls, you can:

  1. Download and Activate Tools: App platforms have seen a 495% increase in the number of available call blocking apps between October 2016 and March 2018.
    • Check with your cell phone provider to see if there are blocking features built into your device.
    • Download and activate robocall blocking apps for Android, BlackBerry, iOS (Apple) and Windows.
    • Follow step-by-step video instructions for blocking individual numbers from Android, BlackBerry, iOS (Apple) and Windows.
  2. Register: Add your wireless devices and/or landline numbers to the National Do Not Call Registry, which prohibits telemarketers from calling your registered numbers.
    • Tip: Before giving your phone number to any business, read their privacy policy ahead of time. Some policies may imply that by giving your phone number or agreeing to a business’s terms and conditions, you gave them permission to contact you and possibly to share your contact information with others.
  3. Report:
    • File a complaint online with the FTC or FCC. Alternatively, call the FTC at 1-877-FTC-HELP or the FCC at 1-888-CALL-FCC.
    • Forward SPAM text messages to 7726 (or SPAM). This free text exchange with your wireless provider will report the SPAM number, and you will receive a response thanking you for reporting it.
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