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Connected Car Working Group .

Connected Car Working Group


At the intersection of automobiles and innovation, you’ll find wireless connectivity. Today’s cars employ wirelessly-enabled cameras, smart sensors, and location technologies, and tomorrow’s cars will be capable of driving themselves. CTIA brings together members of the connected car ecosystem to collaborate on innovation-focused policy and technology programs, paving the way for the vehicles of the future.

America’s Consumers Win with Wirelessly-Connected Vehicles

Wireless technologies enable safer and more-energy efficient vehicles. That’s why car companies and others are deploying wireless-powered tools to alert drivers to stay in lanes, avoid collisions, and contact emergency services when needed. The next generations of connected car technologies, like Vehicle-to-Vehicle and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure communications, will use advanced wireless networks to efficiently route traffic, reduce congestion, and expand access to transportation solutions with innovative ride-sharing options.

CTIA Plays a Leading Role in Connected Car Advocacy

5G, the next-generation of wireless, offers faster speeds and reduced latency, enabling connected cars to respond to each other in real-time, limit accidents and save lives. CTIA works closely with all levels of government to advocate for the policies that will make 5G possible: more spectrum and modernized infrastructure rules.

CTIA also advocates for common-sense cybersecurity and privacy policies for connected vehicles, policies that reflect the hundreds of millions of dollars that the wireless industry has invested to enhance the security of our networks, software, hardware, and devices.

CTIA’s Connected Car Working Group

CTIA’s Connected Car Working Group addresses emerging vehicle-related policy, including cybersecurity, privacy, autonomous vehicles, and driver attention issues. CTIA advocates on behalf of Connected Car Working Group members for policies at the DOT, FCC, FTC, in Congress, and before state and local governments. CTIA Connected Car Working Group members include the following companies:

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