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Certification Resources .

CTIA Certification™ administers certification programs, test labs, and test plans.

Certification Resources


Device Certification Programs

CTIA Certification proudly operates 6 device certification programs covering everything from battery quality to cybersecurity for Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Our trusted programs, which keep pace with the curve-setting work done by our Working Groups, set the global industry standard for device durability, antenna performance, global network interoperability, and more.

Reverse Logistics and Service Quality

CTIA Certification’s RLSQ program convenes members representing the entire reverse logistics community to establish standards and best practices for the aftercare of wireless devices. This program sets the bar for quality and service throughout the industry including common device grading definitions and methodology, and certification for technicians and repair facilities through WISE™ Certification.

CTIA Certification Authorized Test Labs

There are over 100 CTIA Certification Authorized Test Labs (ATLs) throughout the world. Manufacturers use CTIA Certification Authorized Test Labs to ensure their products meet CTIA Certification’s rigorous standards. Click here to find the laboratory that best suits your needs. You can search by location, testing capability, or by name.

If you are a test laboratory looking to get authorized by CTIA Certification, you can learn more about that process here.

Lab-related questions and requests for information can be directed to

Test Plans

Through working groups comprised of representatives from CTIA member companies, CTIA Certification develops and manages numerous test plans used during product testing and various certification processes.

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