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About CTIA

The CTIA Team .

We are a group of specialists commited to the advancement of wireless technologies in all industries.

CTIA CEO Meredith Attwell Baker

Meredith Attwell Baker

President & CEO

CTIA EVP Brad Gillen

Brad Gillen

Executive Vice President

CTIA SVP Scott Bergmann

Scott Bergmann

Senior Vice President, Regulatory Affairs

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CTIA SVP Rocco Carlitti

Rocco Carlitti

Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

See Rocco's bio
Kelly Cole

Kelly Cole

Senior Vice President, Government Affairs

See Kelly's bio
CTIA SVP Jamie Hastings

Jamie Hastings

Senior Vice President, External & State Affairs

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Nick Ludlum

Nick Ludlum

Senior Vice President & Chief Communications Officer

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CTIA SVP Tom Power

Tom Power

Senior Vice President & General Counsel

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Tom Sawanobori

Tom Sawanobori

Senior Vice President & Chief Technology Officer

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CTIA Director Harry Anastopulos

Harry Anastopulos

Director, External Affairs

CTIA Director Benjamin Aron

Benjamin Aron

Director, State Regulatory & External Affairs

CTIA Director Rob Cantu

Rob Cantu

Director, Cybersecurity

CTIA Senior Director Beth Cooley

Bethanne Cooley

Assistant Vice President, State Legislative Affairs

CTIA Kathryn Dall'Asta

Kathryn Dall'Asta

Deputy General Counsel

Ven Darbha

Ven Darbha

Managing Director, Information Technology

CTIA Director Katie Den Boer

Katherine Den Boer

Director, Communications & Policy

Matt DeTura

Matt DeTura

Counsel, External and State Affairs

Michael Donnellan

Michael Donnellan

Assistant Vice President, Finance & Administration

CTIA Director Elise Downes

Elise Downes

Director, Meetings & Events

CTIA Robert Friedman

Robert Friedman

Art Director, Public Affairs

CTIA Melissa Gallant

Melissa Gallant

Creative Director

Marin Galvin

Marin Galvin

Director, Certification Programs

Matthew Gerst

Matthew Gerst

Vice President, Regulatory Affairs

Kara Graves

Kara Graves

Assistant Vice President, Regulatory Affairs

Doug Hyslop

Doug Hyslop

Vice President of Technology and Spectrum Planning

Michelle James

Michelle James

Vice President, Strategic Industry Programs

CTIA AVP Gerard Keegan

Gerard Keegan

Vice President, State Legislative Affairs

CTIA Director Hank Kilgore

Hank Kilgore

Assistant Vice President, Government Affairs

Sarah Leggin

Sarah Leggin

Director, Regulatory Affairs

Christopher Lesser

Christopher Lesser

Director, Finance & Administration

CTIA Director Will Lightfoot

William Lightfoot

Assistant Vice President, Certification Programs

Tina Lisenby

Tina Lisenby

Director, Human Resources & Administration

CTIA VP John Marinho

John Marinho

Vice President, Cybersecurity & Technology

CTIA Director Ariz Matute

Ariz Matute

Director, Digital Strategy

CTIA Director Lisa McCabe

Lisa McCabe

Director, State Legislative Affairs

CTIA Christina Metzger

Christina Metzger

Director, Strategic Industry Programs

CTIA Emily Toner

Emily Miller

Executive Assistant to the President

CTIA Director Jen Oberhausen

Jen Oberhausen

Director, Regulatory Affairs

Jilane Petrie

Jilane Petrie

Director, Public Affairs

Harish Punjabi

Harish Punjabi

Director, Wireless Technology

Pawan Ranabhat

Pawan Ranabhat

Senior Web Developer/Architect

CTIA Director Scott Rasmus

Scott Rasmus

Director, Network Operations

CTIA Director Phil Rice

Phillip Rice

Director, Membership

CTIA Director James Robertson

James Robertson

Director, Government Affairs

Robert Roche

Robert Roche

Vice President, Research Public Affairs

CTIA AVP Kevin Ryan

Kevin Ryan

Vice President, Policy Communications

Christopher Salemme

Christopher Salemme

Director, Government Affairs

Mark Sargent

Mark Sargent

Vice President, Certification Programs

CTIA VP Jim Schuler

Jim Schuler

Vice President, External & State Affairs

CTIA Director Raj Sengupta

Raj Sengupta

Director, Wireless Technology

Jeff Simmons

Jeff Simmons

Vice President, Technology Programs

CTIA Director Melanie Tiano

Melanie Tiano

Director, Cybersecurity and Privacy

CTIA Director Sean Wang

Sean Wang

Director, Certification Program

CTIA Director Sarah Yi

Sarah Yi

Executive Director, External Affairs

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