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Growing Wireless


Wireless empowers kids to be able to learn, engage and communicate with their teachers, classmates and friends. At the same time, it’s important for parents to talk with their kids about responsible use of wireless technology, as well as the family rules and consequences if those rules are broken.
Jamie Hastings, Senior Vice President, External & State Affairs

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How Do Kids Use Their Phones?

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How Do Kids Use Their Phones?

Parents of kids, younger than 13-years old, reported that their child’s top mobile activities include text messaging (81%), downloading apps (59%), playing pre-installed games (53%), browsing mobile websites (53%) and live video calling (46%).

Source: Nielsen, 2016

Wireless technology is changing the way kids communicate, learn and play. With the swipe of a finger or a click of a button, today’s wireless kids can enter a whole new world of information sharing, games and applications. It is important that parents understand what wireless services and products are available so they can help kids use them appropriately.

Together with parents, CTIA and its members want kids to be responsible wireless consumers.

Learn & Engage

For parents, keeping up with the rapid changes in the wireless industry might seem like a 24/7 job. Today’s tech-savvy generation quickly discovers and enjoys using mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets.

With all the amazing changes in wireless technology, it’s understandable that some parents may feel overwhelmed by the number of new devices, services and apps. However, parents should know that they’re not alone and resources are available.

To develop the best family rules for wireless use, parents should educate themselves on how kids use wireless devices and services. Explore these tips and guides for keeping kids safe when they’re using a wireless device:

Policy & Programs

CTIA and the wireless industry make it a priority to support the policy efforts and provide the tools to parents that will help keep kids safe on their wireless devices. Considering the ever-evolving world of wireless and the speed at which kids adopt new wireless products and services, it’s important that the wireless industry has the flexibility needed to quickly address potential issues.

Children’s Online Policy

The inherent value that wireless offers consumers of all ages has flourished under a light regulatory touch that allows new products and services to be made available without unnecessary government intervention. For these reasons, one of the leading nonprofit organizations focused on online child safety, the Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI), has highlighted the U.S. as a major pioneer in both Internet technology and online safety.

Online Safety Resources

CTIA and its member companies offer parents a number of tools, features, and information to help them choose and manage their kids’ wireless devices and services. The first step to better managing a family’s wireless usage is to learn what’s available to help empower parents.

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