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America’s wireless industry is defined by innovation, ingenuity and enterprise.


CTIA advocates on behalf of America’s wireless industry for legislative and regulatory policies that foster greater innovation, investment and economic growth.

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The wireless industry is committed to helping consumers enrich their lives through mobile technologies and services.


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CTIA represents the U.S. wireless communications industry and companies throughout the mobile ecosystem.

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CTIA offers four membership types based on company type and need.

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About CTIA

CTIA Connected Life Member Benefits .

CTIA Connected Life Member Benefits


Connected Life Advocacy

CTIA membership gives your company a seat at the table for policy-shaping discussions on IoT-related issues, ensuring your voice is heard and your interests represented. Benefits include:

  • Participation in CTIA’s Connected Life initiatives and working groups, in areas such as smart cities, connected cars, mobile finance, mobile health and unmanned aerial vehicles.
  • Timely updates on federal and state level policy developments impacting these Connected Life areas.
  • Support from CTIA’s extensive staff of skilled policy specialists whose decades of legislative and regulatory experience provide focused and meaningful advocacy on the issues that impact your business.

Technology Programs

Gain access to technical and engineering professionals who can help guide the industry on issues related to certification. Serving on CTIA’s Certification Working Groups allows members to help determine program tests and criteria for product testing and certification of smartphones, tablets, laptops, batteries and IoT devices.

Business Opportunities, Industry Research and Other Services

Grow your business, increase your brand recognition and enhance your professional network by participating in CTIA initiatives. Stay abreast of industry news and trends by taking advantage of our research and educational offerings. Benefits include:

  • Subscription to CTIA’s Connected Life Monthly Member Update, a newsletter that includes Connected Life policy developments, CTIA initiatives and upcoming activities and events.
  • Subscription to the CTIA Mobile Minute newsletter, a daily newsletter providing summaries of the most relevant wireless news.
  • Access to CTIA’s industry-leading events and research papers.
  • Discount on CTIA’s Annual Wireless Industry Indices Report which measures industry trends, helping you track and target a changing wireless marketplace.
  • Discount on employer postings on our online Career Center service to help your company find the best talent in the wireless industry.
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