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    Cybersafety and Cybersecurity

    Today's wireless ecosystem is dramatically different from what it was only five years ago with the constant introduction of a variety of new players and technologies. In order to protect the wireless industry from cybercriminals and cyberthreats, the wireless ecosystem – network operators, device manufacturers and application/content developers – must work together. When you add the number of companies, along with the more open and diverse mobile industry, cybersecurity is a challenge. In June 2012, CTIA developed its Cybersecurity Working Group (CWG) for industry players to work together as much as possible to identify potential problems and determine the best course of action to minimize the impact of cyberthreats on consumers and companies.

  • Press Releases
    Feb 12, 2014

    CTIA Statement After the National Institute of Standards and Technology Released its Voluntary Cybersecurity Framework

    CTIA statement After NIST released its voluntary cybersecurity framework.

  • Events
    Nov 14, 2013

    Communications Law in the Digital Age 2013

    Practicing Law Institute is holding an event that will cover a wide array of topical issues in media, digital communications, First Amendment, intellectual property, and ...

  • Events
    Nov 19, 2013

    Internet of Things - Privacy & Security in a Connected World Workshop

    The Federal Trade Commission will hold a public workshop on Tuesday, November 19, 2013 in Washington, DC, to explore consumer privacy and security issues posed ...

  • Glossary

    Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

    A VPN allows a user to conduct secure transactions over a public or unsecure network. By encrypting messages sent between devices, the integrity and confidentially ...

  • Glossary

    NAM (Number Assignment Module)

    The NAM is the electronic memory bank in the wireless phone that stores its specific telephone number and electronic serial number.

  • Glossary


    On its own, adware is harmless software that automatically displays advertisements. Unfortunately, some bad actors may choose to integrate spyware and other privacy-invasive software in ...

  • Glossary


    Cloud computing allows users and enterprise companies to store and process data and deliver applications on the network. In traditional architectures, most of the data ...

  • Glossary


    Technological approach that converts signals (including voice) into the binary digits '0' and '1'. This data is compressed, and then transformed into electronic pulses for ...

  • Glossary


    Digitally scrambling information so it can be transmitted over an unsecure network. At the other end, the recipient typically uses a digital "key" to unscramble ...

  • Glossary


    Illicitly exploiting a weakness in a networked information system to access or alter data or interfere with network or device functions. A hacker may be ...

  • Glossary


    Involves removing software controls imposed by the operating system by manipulating the hardware and/or software coded onto the device.

  • Glossary


    Malicious Software is computer language codes created by hackers to access or alter data or interfere with network functions. It may manifest itself as worms, ...

  • Glossary


    Rooting allows a device owner to obtain full privileged control within the operating system to overcome any software parameters or other limits on the device. ...

  • Glossary


    A type of malware that functions without a user's knowledge or permission. Spyware frequently captures user activity and data, either storing it in obscure file ...

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